We at Centric Compounding Pharmacy (CCP) adhere to the highest international standards available to meet different regulatory requirements such as US-FDA standards, Good manufacturing Practice, Good Compounding Practice, Good laboratory Practice as per WHO, FDA, ICH standards. Centric Compounding Pharmacy (CCP) is a compounding pharmacy accredited by the Ministry of Health & Prevention - United Arab Emirates and is fully equipped with the most modern tools in order to provide cutting-edge pharmaceutical services.

CCP specializes in individualized compounded medications and providing high-quality patient care. Our team is comprised of professionally licensed staff of pharmacists who are highly trained and experienced in the practice of compounding. We closely and diligently work with physicians across the country and region in order to provide highly specialized compounding preparations for a wide variety of patient’s’ needs. Our ultimate goal is to provide tailor made solutions to specific patient’ needs and as a result enhances patient care and quality of life. Our pharmacists’ knowledge, skills and experiences aren't duplicated by any other professions, and those pharmacists are licensed, qualified and responsible to compound medications in the course of professional practice to meet the specific needs of patients and health care providers on appropriately prescribed prescription; their roles include:

  • Dispensing and compounding medications,
  • Patients counseling,
  • Minimizing medication errors and monitoring drug therapy if any applicable,
  • Enhancing patient compliance by using pharmaceutical knowledge and expertise to adjust quantities, frequencies and dosage forms.

Centric Compounding Pharmacy, the trusted partner whenever personalizing the medication makes a difference for patient’s health and wellbeing irrespective of the complexity.

To be the best & most trusted compounding pharmacy for highest quality and cost effective tailor made pharmaceutical preparations in the Middle East.